WHAT WE ARE ABOUT  Everybody Benefits! 

Benefiz is an award winning specialist workplace adviser established to help employers of all sizes offer benefits to their employees. We are independent and have developed relationships with a number of key providers helping to facilitate the needs of our clients. We act as the “outsourced” benefits adviser providing support typically with broking benefits, communicating benefits and administering benefits. For the larger employer we act in an advisory capacity supporting the in-house team. 
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WORKING WITH US  Our Approach 

image illustrating no employee benefits.

No Benefits? 

For employers with no benefits in place we can help design, source and implement a comprehensive benefits programme. 
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Got Benefits? 

For employers with existing benefits we can review these to make sure they are relevant, legally compliant and cost effective. 
image of money - identify cost savings to be used towards employee benefits

Save Money! 

Where we carry out a review we always identify cost saving opportunities that can be used to fund new benefits and help retain staff. 

MEET OUR FOUNDER & CEO Tim Gillingham 

"I am really proud of our team, they provide an excellent service to our clients!" 
image of Tim Gillingham, who is the founder of Benefiz, who provide flexible employee benefits to employers
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GET TO KNOW US  Meet our highly qualified and experienced team 

Tim Gillingham 
Founder & CEO 
M: 07772 423335 
E: tim@benefiz.co.uk 
Sorangi Shah 
Client Director 
M. 07794 031448 
E. sorangi.shah@benefiz.co.uk 
Hollie Brown 
Technology Lead 
M. 07557 915994 
E. hollie@benefiz.co.uk 
Daisy Adams 
Senior Technology Architect 
M. 07595 963458 
E. daisy.adams@benefiz.co.uk 
Paul Davey 
Protection Team Manager 
M. 07387 242254 
E. paul.davey@benefiz.co.uk 
Julie Scaife 
Pensions Team Manager 
M. 07557 790534 
E. julie.scaife@benefiz.co.uk 
Renny Wickham 
M: 07768 990037 
E: renny.wickham@benefiz.co.uk 
Chantelle Hamouy 
Client Manager 
M. 07552 174955 
E. chantelle.hamouy@benefiz.co.uk 
Teresa Webb 
Client Support Manager 
M. 07984 093516 
E. teresa@benefiz.co.uk 
Gemma Ball 
Technology Architect  
M. 07557 915967 
E. gemma.ball@benefiz.co.uk 
Aimi Arnall 
Senior Client Specialist 
M. 07388 380600 
E. aimi.arnall@benefiz.co.uk 
Geoff Lord 
Senior Client Specialist 
M. 07387 242269 
E. geoff.lord@benefiz.co.uk 
Louise Mills 
Client Director 
M: 07720 678134 
E: louise@benefiz.co.uk 
Claire Thompson 
Client Manager 
M. 07501 842883 
E. claire.thompson@benefiz.co.uk 
Laura Hopkins 
Client Support Manager 
M. 07926 128788 
E. laura@benefiz.co.uk 
Kylie Reid 
Technology Administrator 
M. 07553 849199 
E. kylie.reid@benefiz.co.uk 
Darrianne Pinder 
Client Specialist 
M. 07825 305513 
E. darrianne.pinder@benefiz.co.uk 
Kirsty Heppenstall 
Client Administrator 
M. 07917 881528 
E. kirsty.heppenstall@benefiz.co.uk 


This approach not only offers a flexible approach to the workplace it also enables us to deliver quality advice and services to our clients at affordable rates. We have developed an approach of working with our clients that offers both flexibility and transparency. We can either work on a fixed fee project basis or an ongoing monthly retainer. For some clients we operate both models. Our team of experienced Client Managers are responsible for managing our client relationships. Providing support to clients and their employees and importantly managing the provider relationships. As a team they have on average over 20 years experience in the employee benefit market. 

CONTACT US  Interested to see how Benefiz can help your business? 

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